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Charest Reporting: Covid Response

A message from Spencer Charest
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First Virtual Supreme Court Witness

After consultation and troubleshooting with law firms in the city we were chosen to be the court reporting agency that enabled the first virtual witness to be heard in a fully virtual BC courtroom trial.

We strive to be part of the solution in enabling access to justice while collaborating on new platforms and processes , both during COVID-19 restrictions and in the future.

Contact us for assistance with your upcoming virtual proceedings, whether discovery, mediation, arbitration, hearing, trial, or appeal.

A New Office Space

Behind the scenes we have been preparing a gorgeous new office space that better supports our clients and the work we do. It is coming together beautifully and we invite you to enjoy a preview of the new premises.

Charest Court & Realtime Reporters

Welcome to Charest Reporting.... experts in data management.

Charest Reporting is BC's largest court reporting firm, a team of certified, experienced, and professional court reporters. Explore our website for a picture of all services we provide. If you are booking with us, you will find many links to our online forms. Contact us through our online booking forms or by telephone at 604-629-2373 (Vancouver).

Court & realtime reporting services
Electronic data collection

MediaNot just hardcopies.

This is the age of realtime reporting where qualified court reporters provide instant captions. All transcripts prepared by Charest Reporting are processed and stored electronically. We continually seek the ultimate methods for data management in this dynamic environment. Order transcripts.

Court & realtime reporting services
Charest Reporting Services technology

TechnologyIt's a fascinating world.

Charest Reporting embraces technology. Related industries are exploring advancements in their fields, and we are committed to the use of parallel innovations in the world of court reporting. Video conferencing, communications, data storage and retrieval, captioning, litigation support, and the internet — all are critical in the legal field today. Our role in the mosaic is constantly changing, and that's a challenge we welcome.

Court & realtime reporting services