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A description of all Charest Reporting services

Court reportersFor matters legal or otherwise

For matters legal or otherwise

Court reporters are employed in trials, examinations for discovery, and many other legal proceedings. Our reporters are industry certified and use current technology in the preparation of verbatim transcripts or to transmit realtime captions of live speech.

Professional court reporters are also used for non-judicial proceedings such as conferences and seminars.


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BoardroomsHold your important meetings at our premises

Hold your important meetings at our premises

Our spacious boardrooms are a neutral zone for arbitrations and mediations. Beautiful views and the best of furnishings create a relaxing, comfortable environment in which negotiations can reach a successful conclusion.

We offer boardrooms of varying sizes and configurations. These are unquestionably among the best meeting rooms in Vancouver.


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VideographyA moving picture is worth a thousand words

A moving picture is worth a thousand words

This is the age of digital videography. In today's world, videos play an important role in meetings and speeches, in the presentation of legal evidence, and at many public events.

Book one of our professional videographers, alone or with a court reporter, for a visual recording which can be supplied in a variety of digital formats on a DVD or sent over the internet.

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Video conferencesLive communication by video or Skype

Live communication by video or Skype

We offer video conferencing. Events in our boardrooms can be transmitted live to the monitors of participants elsewhere in the world who appear interactively on our large-screen monitors. Often our court reporters are requested for video conferences to produce transcripts of the proceedings.

In the same manner, live Skype conferencing using the internet as a transfer medium is also available for one or more parties.

TranscriptProfessional transcription of spoken words

Professional transcriptions of spoken words

Appeal books, reasons for judgment, trial and discovery transcripts are all processed through our order desk and prepared by certified professionals. Transcripts are produced in bound, hardcopy format and as digital files.

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